COD: Ghosts Pro Guide

the location you stand with identify of accountability maps. they is also ceaselessly round or oval, with neat flanking routes to the left and correct, and frequently a building or open house within the centre the place these courageous enough to maneuver it are more likely to get caught inside the crossfire. every map is in keeping with design ideas set in stone and unique by way of a document by way of Treyarch, and Revolution is their first shot at breaking them.

nook-strafing is a crucial piece of COD method, however within the skatepark map Grind, curved surfaces make it a map with few arduous angles and a great deal of publicity. Defensible window lookouts are a COD staple, on the other hand at Mirage’s motel sand banks have became the home windows into two-manner doorways. Snow map Downhill and the Hydro dam every use moving map elements – ski lifts offering cellular quilt, and a hall inclined to shocking flooding.

Click to view larger image Treyarch has moreover seized the prospect to scan with Zombies – always name of responsibility’s bravest mode. Die upward thrust is an really tall, skinny map, a vertical maze inside of a collapsing skyscraper the place crew mates are merely separated and zombies can merely crush lone avid players within the cramped corridors.

ultimately, Treyarch has meddled with the modes and the very nature of title of responsibility DLC. grew to transform is Black Ops’ zombie-themed tackle Tag, whereas the Peacekeeper SMG is the primary downloadable weapon in COD historical past. it may be an SMG with the diversity and stopping vitality of an assault rifle and is precisely as terrifying because it sounds, although professional gamers will however select their further specialised equipment.

So Revolution is as a lot an scan as it’s a map bundle. it may be Treyarch conceding that they do not know the whole lot and a risk for them to resolve how a few small twists will have an effect on the sport as soon as a few million players are playtesting it. it’s precisely what DLC must be about – however it is not just about radical sufficient. When Battlefield three bought a collection of heavy armour maps and some other set of shut-quarters infantry maps, that was once as soon as a revolution. Black Ops 2′s Revolution is a step in the right kind course, then again a small one.

Revolution is out now, for 1200 MP. which that you would be able to obtain it from the sport’s menu if you’re a Season move holder, or from right here if you are no longer.

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